Citrine and Chara


"For every timeline Flowey and I have been friends.....

I've killed him thrice." 


Citrine walked along, kicking up the dust of poor, murdered souls as she walked. By now, her black cloak seemed white. She continued silently walking, stalking the killer.

She was, for the first time in a while, a little scared. She observed the human's movements, drew them to learn more, and took notes. She nicknamed the human "Scarlet Dust." As she took notes, she found that even if there was no one in the human's line of sight, the human would silently run to that particular monster and kill them.

An ambush killer. And a formidable one. It would take more than sheer force to kill her -- well, considering the body shape converted to her family, the human appeared to be female.

Citrine thought of ways to make this one bite the dust. It was hard, but what she needed to do is to not audibly move, and hide quick. Citrine ran, hardly making a noise, around the corner to hide. But it was too late.


Chara could feel the last aura slip away as a Temmie turned to dust. "That's the last one," she whispered to herself. Then it caught her eye. She wasn't entirely sure she saw what she thought she saw: A black blur, but there was white dust settling from its trail. It was there, all right.

A monster.

She wasn't sure how she hadn't felt this one. She looked toward a possible area. The monster was poking their head to look at her, then hid so quick she wasn't sure what to do. Kill them? That's what she wanted to do. But a nagging feeling that wasn't Frisk begging her to stop actually told her to not kill them, but simply approach them. She did that, but the monster ran. Chara ran afterward, but it was hard to catch up to them. She was fast, but they were faster. They were about seven meters ahead of her, and they ran toward the bridge.

Chara's eyes widened. "Of course, the bridge!" She followed, but then the monster was already on the other side of the bridge, and as soon as they stepped off the edge, a wall of fire started. Chara backed up. She was unsure of what to do.


Citrine jumped off the cliff as soon as she'd trapped the human with a wall of fire. But she wouldn't simply fall to her death.

She fights.

Citrine leaped from one supporting bridge pole to the next, until she riskily grabbed the cliff edge and swung upward. She then made fire on the other side. Then a voice was heard.

"Leave. Them. Alone. Citrine!"

Citrine whirled around. Great. Flowey.

"She won't kill anyone else ever again."

"Then I'll kill you!"

"Flowey, you know what happens when this happens," Citrine sighed. "You always die."

Flowey hesitated, then wrapped brambles around Citrine's feet. As she bled, the blood touching the thorny bramble vines set them on fire after two seconds. They burned to ash at her feet, lasting a duration if five seconds. She then burned Flowey. 

"I'm sorry, but I can't let you do this, no matter how bad monsters are..." Citrine began tearing up.

"I don't need pity, Citrine," Flowey said before turning to ash. Then a new flower sprouted and became Flowey.

"I gotta get to Chara later. I'm helping them," he said. "See ya!" Then he vanished.



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