Name: Electreva 

Gender: Female

Species: Dog

Appearance: Electreva is a golden color, with black streaks. Her eyes are electric blue, and she has a very strong build. Her ears are floppy, and they always perk up at the slightest sound. She is about 1' 6" (1/2 m) tall. 

Personality: Electreva is not one to show emotion. You can't look at her tail or eyes to find her emotion. Most of the time, at least, for her tail. She seems to be calm and formal, however, this is untrue. She is actually VERY excitable, but it takes a lot of excitement for her to wag her tail, and when she does, it's typically like a tornado. She only shows emotion when the only others around are her friends, Michael and Athena.

Abilities: Electreva's fur always radiates electricity, so people will get shocked easily around her. She also has fur that helps her swim. She moves VERY gracefully.

Fears: Hurting her friends





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